Phil Argento Jr.
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Argento Basketball Club


2/1 @ Messiah Lutheran

4th grade boys: 4-5pm
5th grade boys: 515-615pm
6th grade boys: 630-730pm

2/2 @ Messiah Lutheran

7th grade boys: 1-2pm
8th grade boys: 215-315pm

HS tryout dates will be posted at a later date.

Some teams will be formed without a traditional tryout so if you're interested in playing and don't see your grade level then contact me for more info about that particular grade level.

Individual tryouts can be arranged if necessary. If other AAU groups are pressuring you for a commitment then let me know that as well and we can make arrangements to look at your son/daughter.

A player who attends a public school (7th grade & above) cannot tryout until his/her school season is over. If you are still in season and would like to play or can't make the tryout for another reason, then let me know and other arrangements will be made. If you play CYO or for a private school, then you can attend the regular tryout.

*Please note that there is a $10 tryout fee*

Argento Basketball Club is offering boys & girls in the 4th grade and up the chance to play travel basketball in the spring. This is an opportunity for your child to play competitive basketball against other teams from around the area and surrounding states. There are many AAU organizations fielding teams around the area but some of the benefits of playing for me are:

  • 8-10 players per team with each team practicing 2-3 times a week ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
  • lower fee than most other AAU organizations
  • more flexibility in scheduling practices and choosing tournaments to play in because I have less teams than other AAU groups
  • players will learn how to play the game...not learn a bunch of plays and move like robots
  • the same coach who runs your practice will be the same coach at your games (as simple as it sounds, some organizations don't do this)

Practices will be held at Lutheran West HS, Rocky River and Messiah Lutheran weekday evenings and most of the tournaments will be local. Last year my teams participated in tournaments in Lakewood, Akron, Garfield Heights, Cleveland, Tallmadge, etc. There will be a total of 6 tournaments for each team (4 tournaments for 5th grade & under). Teams will play games late March through mid/late May. If you are interested in learning more then please call (216)816-6766 or email












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